Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I am very fortunate to have wonderful friends. All unique and special in their own way.

I just spent 11 days in Michigan, my former home. It was a very busy 11 days. 85 hours of work, 5 dinners with former clients ( now good friends) and sewing friends and visits with family and other friends. Wow! Then I come home to work some more. I decided to take today off to breathe and spend sometime with Lil' Ms Kali. Kali and Grandpa Hutto took off today for a 4 day adventure to Michigan. Via Spirit Airlines. She will be spending the days there with her other grandparents and aunt and cousins. They are so excited. Grandpa called and said kali was an angel on the plane and watched Mickey for 3 hours until the battery on the DVD player died. She is such a sweetie! And what a good grandpa to take her on the trip.

My trip was well worth it. I managed to get alot of tax stuff up to date for a few companies. Big relief for many.

Hopefully, I will continue to post on here and start to build this blog into something.

Tomorrow I will post some pictures of my trip to MN.


Monday, March 9, 2009

Going through the sewing stash...

Well, I have officially moved all but my sewing machines to my new offices. After at least three attempts (moves) to reduce the amount of fabric and books and patterns that I have, I still have ALOT! I am very frustrated that I got rid of alot of things but life goes on. With fabric and sewing stuff, the rule of "if you didn't use it in 6 months (or 12 months) or whatever..." Doesn't apply. I think a few things could be considered "vintage".

I do think at one point I must have gotten very forgetful. I have at least 12 quilt batts. I have only finished 3 or 4 full quilts in my lifetime. So I guess JoAnn's must had some really good sales.
One of my finds I have to post is the wonderful unfinished Jazzy jacket. This is from the group challenge that our sewing group did. OMG! what was I thinking. Hold you breath, you will need it to start laughing when you think that if I had finished this, I may have thought about wearing it!

How times have changed, I probably wouldn't even consider making this, let alone wear it. Yiks!

Just imagine that this has matching sleeves.

I did find some lovely fabric though. Oh, I love my quilt fabric. I just wish I had nothing better to do than sew....

Take care. Jan

Monday, February 23, 2009

Day 2 of the change

Today I decided that as part of my change, I was going to enjoy the 10'5 foot hot tub that I have in my back yard. It is so nice at night and here in Las Vegas with the temp in the 50's close to 60 it is not too bad to get out of once you are in.
I did have to get my Kali fix today, she is so cute. I keep thinking that mommy and daddy are not taking good care of her so she has to live with us.... Fortunately, for everyone, that is not true. We will have to settle for our little sleepovers.
If I don't have to go to Texas this weekend, I will be sewing. I can't wait. Kali needs something sewen from Grandma.
Step two for change, eating better.

Until next time.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Time to make some changes...

To my faithful follower, Amy. I am finally going to post again. I have spent all evening checking out other sites. I was going to change the name of my blog, but decided I will continue on with this one.
Anyway, I have decided (at least tonight) to make some changes to my life. I presently have the been moving my sewing to my new office. I have two offices, one you have to walk through to get to the other. So I have decided to move all my sewing stuff from storage and put it in the second office. Tomorrow the move will include the cutting table and mat. I am hoping to start sewing again. It has been so long since I have been truely creative. I stopped at a quilt shop Saturday to get some inspiration. This is what I found...
A pretty little pillow made from pastel cottons and a beautiful purse made from silk and embellished with beads and decorative fibers.
The quilt shop had a lot to offer, but didn't seem homey. The staff wasn't smiling or having fun. I briefly spoke with an employee (or owner) not sure and she did not engage in the conversation. I seemed to be bothering her with my simple question. Then as I passed another employee, she didn't even make eye contact. So I will adventure off to another quilt shop to see if I can find a homey one. Unfortunately, I drive by this one everyday. Odd, the bead shop people were not overly friendly. I wonder if it is Vegas or Michigan people are just nicer in general.
I do think I am going to leave my machine at home for now. Cut out at the office and sew at home. I am not too sure about staying late at the office, it is a little spooky.
Some of my first things on my sewing list are: use up that wonderful baby fabric I have carted around for ever. Kali needs some Grandma made clothes. Then some purses. This all sounds so fun, lets see how it goes tomorrow.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Cat Stories

Well, it is now Sunday night and I have been consumed with family confusion and activities. My daughters best friend flew in for the weekend. Somehow, I end up being chauffer, babysitter, and tired. I am beat and ready for bed, but they are all resting preparing for night out number 3. Goody!

Anyway, it is time to introduce the easiest and very loved members of the family. Kittie and Nettie. They are my 8.5 year old Maine Coone cats. As you can see they are beautiful and lovable. Most of my friends are familar with them but here are some photos.

First one is Nettie - other one is Kittie. Don't tell Nettie but Kittie is the favorite kitty. He is mama's boy. He loves to hang out with me and head butt me until we are both tired of it. He has double jointed paws so he lookes like he is doing a plie'. If anyone is looking to get a cat - get a Maine Coon. They are soooooo calm.
Kittie was acquired first. He was supposed to be a show kitty, but because of his feet, he ended up at our house. We are so lucky! Nettie came about because she was done breeding and they needed a home for her. She is so lovable and funny. She watches TV. She came with her own kitty video.
Well, I better get on with the evening and try to get somethings done. Have a good week!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Why the Zero to Grandma?

I came up with the Zero to Grandma, because that is how I feel. It seems that not long ago I was this small child with no worries and then I was caring for babies and now I am caring for a Grandbaby. How could it be that my child has her own child and actually looks like she knows what she is doing?! It just all went by so fast.

In my next life I am only going to be a Grandma! This is why - look at her!

This is our "not so little" Kali Grace Littlejohn. She was born May 19, 2008. My daughter Mandie is the proud mommy and a good mommy. Little Miss Kali is almost 98% of the time just like you see in the picture - when she is awake that is. She sleeps all night and gets up with that SMILE! She right now is a chubby little "plus size" baby. Growing out clothes is a daily accurance.

We love having her at our house, she definitely lights up everyones face when they walk in the door. She also has her own security dog - layla. My son Kris is the proud daddy of my Granddog that guards Kali. If Layla had her way, Kali would not leave her sight. It is so funny. The kitties just see her as another annoyance in the house that should be theirs!
Well, it is time to bug - have a great night.

The Opening Photo

The present opening photo is one of my favorite places. It is Newport Beach, CA. I am a big fan of the oceans. Note I said oceans. I haven't really found a place with a beach that I didn't like. Fortunately, for living in the desert and prior to that, the midwest, I get to have quite a bit of ocean time. I love to sightsee. I could just drive for hours looking at sights. I have a few favorite people to "sightsee" with, my sister, my friend Jane and my friend Jeanine. Howard is not a big sight-seer. He prefers seeing the sights from the chair on the beach or a cruise.
Anyway, the photo is where my mind goes when things get too hectic in my crazy life. Instead of therapy, I drive to the beach in California. 4.5 hours and I am there. In mid October I drove down to sight see and spend sometime on the beach. Well, mostly I drove and I did a little work at our California office, but then spent some quality time at Malibu Beach(didn't see any celebs - they don't spend much time at the beach in October), Redondo Beach, Huntington Beach (Wonderful!!!!!!!!!)and Dana Point. All down the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH is what the natives call it).

Here are some photos from past and recent trips. I'll tell more about other wonderful beach places.

The person in the one photo was actually looking for shells, not doing anything like it looks like.
I sat at the beach in Huntington for about 2 hours just running my fingers through the sand and watching some surfers and kids playing. It was very relaxing. Not enough time though. In October the fog rolls in early and hangs out until about noon, so beach time is limited.
Enjoy and have a great day.